It’s been said that it is a great era in which to be a genre fan.  Science-fiction, fantasy, and comic-book films and T.V. series have been allowed to dominate the box office and take over our screens.  It is indeed an exciting time to be a fan, but while it is quite easy to get our fix by watching what what the major studios have been producing, we should not let ourselves forget the countless independent storytellers.

With greater access to technology, the advent of crowd-funding, and the outreach capacities of social media, the market for independent genre films is proportionally on the rise just as it is in the mainstream.  I’ve written in the past about some cool independent film efforts (check out my reviews of Somnio & Star Trek: Renegades), and I’d like to continue shining a spotlight on films and projects that most people may not always hear about.

Today, I’d like to highlight FutureDude Entertainment, an independent film company right out of my home state of Minnesota.  FutureDude, and its founder, Jeffery Morris, have had made a presence at various film festivals and have been featured through articles and interviews from Minnesota Business Magazine, Minnesota Public Radio, SciFi Magazine, and many others.


The company, taking influence from Arthur C. Clarke, Stanley Kubrick, and Gene Roddenberry, hopes to tell stories with a sense of scientific realism as well as a dash of the fantastic through what they call “speculative adventure.”

“Welcome back to the world of tomorrow. Venture to spectacular realms of future possibility — inspired by the leading edge of science and the furthest reaches of human imagination.”

-FutureDude Homepage


The creative leader of FutureDude Entertainment, Jeffery Morris, and his team have already released their first short film, Oceanus: Act One (currently available on bluray from Amazon), which will serve as a prelude to the feature-length film, Oceanus: Odyssey One, currently in pre-production.  The Oceanus films aim to tell the story of an underwater scientific research facility that has survived a cataclysmic, global disaster, and will follow the survivors as they attempt to ensure their own survival and establish a new society.  You can watch the international trailer for Oceanus: Act One here.

Also in production is the film, Venus, which will detail an account of the first manned journey to our neighboring planet.  The film has already attracted an impressive cast including Lance Reddick and Nichelle Nichols, and is set for a planned release date of 2018.

I believe that FutureDude Entertainment shows a lot of promise and I look forward to seeing what they have to contribute to the world of science-fiction.  Check out their homepage here, and consider following them on facebook and Twitter.  And of course, stay tuned here on The Continuing Voyage as I hope to post my own updates on their films and overall progress as well.