As a backer of the independent, Star Trek fan-film, Horizon, I recently received my blu-ray copy of the movie in the mail.  While I have yet to properly sit down and watch the film in its entirety (meaning a review is yet to come!), from what I have seen and heard it’s quite well done.

Having backed Horizon on Kickstarter, I’ve been following the more recent endeavor from the film’s creator, Tommy Kraft, to craft his own creative story in the form of a short film entitled, Runaway.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 1.40.58 PM.png

According to the the Kickstarter page for Runaway, the film will be a “cyberpunk western short film from the creator of Horizon, one of the most well-regarded Star Trek fan films.”  The film will follow Maria, who “is an android on the run– falsely accused of murdering her master. Pursued through the forest by ruthless bounty hunters, Maria struggles to reach the Free States and maybe discover her humanity along the way.”

The plot definitely is definitely intriguing and has the potential to capture some interesting themes and motifs around the concepts of robotics and artificial intelligence.  This basic premise evokes a classic sense of Isaac Asimov with a dash of Paolo Bacigalupi thrown in for good measure.

If this sounds interesting to you, there is still time left to back this project on its Kickstarter page here, and with it, the opportunity to receive some solid perks such as your own blu-ray copy of Horizon as well!