The title says it all – in doing research for some of my recent posts about the Star Trek fan film world, I came across the web series, The Red Shirt Diaries.


The series, starring Ashley Victoria Robinson, depicts the daily logs of Ensign Williams, a low-level security officer aboard the Enterprise.  Throughout the various logs, we follow Ensign Williams’ perspective through the events of several episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.  

The Red Shirt Diaries plays out with a lot of silliness and humor, poking fun at several of the tropes and dated aspects of TOS, however it’s done endearingly with a love for the source.

The Red Shirt Diaries is my love letter to the original series,” explains Robinson on the show’s website. “I’ve loved Star Trek since I was twelve years old.  This project is my funny take on the first ten episodes.  I don’t mean it as insulting in any way, but as a true celebration of everything Star Trek.”

What intended to be a short, 10-episode run, grew into not only a follow-up season, but critical acclaim, a 2013 Geekie Award for Best Parody, and a strong following and fan base as well.  It is a travesty that I have only just discovered this series as it recently debuted its final episode in the beginning of the year.  Fortunately, however, I now have several episodes to catch up on and experience for the first time!


Watch all the episodes of The Red Shirt Diaries here.