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What is it?

The goal of the ANALYZE TREK series is to dive head-first into the Star Trek universe through an analytical lens.  What that means is picking apart the themes and ideas presented in these classic episodes and applying them to our world today, applying context to them, or extrapolating deeper meanings.  How that manifests depends on the theme, but generally (as Star Trek has always been a progressive, forward-thinking series) these posts look at the issues through a social justice mindset while incorporating philosophy, psychology, sociology, science, technology and probably (hopefully!) much, much more.

Who is doing this?

Mostly myself (Joe) as the primary author of this blog.  I’ve written nearly all of the posts so far and will continue to keep writing.  However, guests posts are not only welcomed but encouraged!  If you have an episode you feel passionate about, or an idea you wish to explore, I’d love to feature your writing.  ANALYZE TREK pieces from any other author will have the designation, [Guest Post], and I hope to feature several of them.  If you’d like to contribute, feel free to reach out to me through email, or through The Continuing Voyage’s facebook or twitter pages.

Alright, now where do I actually read these?

Right here!  As this series comes together, each piece will link back to this page, and below this, is a list – with links – to every post in the series, in order of publication:

– Specicide: The Man Trap and Accelerated Extinctions

– Child Development: Charlie X and the Social vs. the Cognitive

– Symbolic Interactionism: Faith, Logic and Power in Where No Man Has Gone Before

– Ethics & The Naked Time: Scientific & Personal Introspection

– Bundle Theory: Concepts of Self in The Enemy Within

– The Eye of the Beholder: Mudd’s Women & Impossible Standards of Beauty

– The Consciousness and Humanity: What are Little Girls Made of?

– The Nature (& Nurture) of Empathy: Miri

– Understanding Palliative & End of Life Care: The Menagerie (Parts 1 & 2)

– Idealism vs. Realism: The Galileo Seven & Leadership

– Crime and Punishment: Dagger of the Mind & Prisoner’s Rights

– Fear & Xenophobia: The Balance of Terror, Then and Now

Return of the Archons: A Look at Surveillance & Self-Censorship

– Social Identity vs. Common Group Identity: The Corbomite Maneuver & Aversive Racism

– The Cloud Minders & The Tragedy of American Oppression, Racism, and Classism

– The Numbing Effects of Endless War: A Taste of Armageddon

– [Guest Post] Let That Be Your Last Battlefield (not a threat … just the name of the episode)

– The Squire Of Gothos & The Arrogance of Superiority

Shore Leave: How Free Play Can Change the World

Overpopulation, Birth Control & Deception – The Dangers of Faux Morality in the Mark of Gideon

Arena: The Eternal Clash Between Reason & Aggression

– [Guest Post] The Way to Eden – Or, Space Hippies…In Space!

Tomorrow is Yesterday: What Does Science Actually Say About Time Travel

Of Machines and Men: The Evolution of Robotics and Tech in Star Trek

Masterpiece Society and the Paradox of Tolerance