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I previously wrote about my excitement for the upcoming documentary, Red Heaven, telling the story of the scientists of the HI-SEAS Program, and my talks with director, Lauren DeFilippo.  Since then, the individuals in the program have completed their year-long simulation of life on Mars.

As the simulation came to a close, the program has received considerable media coverage from sources such as Forbes, TIME,, and countless others.  Long before the ceremonious end to the simulation broke the news, the documentary team behind Red Heaven began their quest to truly bring this unique Martian experience to life and to allow the individuals involved to tell their own personal stories.

The crew behind the film are fervently anticipating the opportunity to share their work.  In speaking again with DeFilippo, she said: “Our team just wrapped up 10 days of production in Hawaii following the HI-SEAS crew as they exited their 1,000 sq. ft. dome on Mauna Loa, returning to”life on Earth” after a year-long Mars simulation. With unprecedented media coverage of their exit, we’re more convinced than ever that audiences are hungry for stories about Mars and space exploration.”

Red Heaven is nearing its funding goal on Kickstarter with 8 days left to go – if you’re as eager as me to see this story told, consider supporting their efforts here, and follow the film on facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop as well!