Impulsiveness  and indulgences often find their ways into our lives to varying degrees, and stemming from them we almost equally as often find ourselves in a place of immediate regret.  A regret that our brain works hard to try and justify or to simply forget.

Never Happened, a new short film from Mark Slutsky, explores this concept with an added element.  The film centers around two colleagues whose evening of celebration after a successful presentation leads to an inebriated night of adulterous passion.  When the two realize the ramifications that their actions may have on their relationships with their respective significant others, the notion of simply forgetting our indulgences takes a turn for the literal as the film veers into the realm of science-fiction.


In looking at the concepts of regret and impulsivity, Slutsky’s Never Happened takes the opportunity to extend the story into exploring the effects that the technology and science of memory could have on the decisions we make and our abilities to cope with them.

Never Happened is currently featured on Short of the Week and can also be watched in its entierty on YouTube.

Never Happened is just the latest in a slew of featured short, science-fiction films promoted by DUST, a production and promotion company dedicated to expanding the reach of aspiring science-fiction filmmakers, as well as shedding light on new projects that may otherwise fly under the radar.  DUST’s official page currently hosts several short films for the watching and is continually expanding in its mission to promote independent voices in sci-fi.


One thing that stood out to me from their website was the notion that, “Filmmakers have never had more tools available to them to show us the world as they imagine it.”  I’ve written before about how we live in a unique time for independent filmmaking especially for films within the genres of speculative fiction, and I’m happy to see this idea live on through more and more outlets.

From their website, DUST has stated a commitment to, “amplify the voices of new filmmakers who will shape the future with the force of their imagination.  [While]…collecting and promoting the best science fiction shorts, producing originals, and providing pathways to feature filmmaking.”  I, for one, am excited and eager to follow this team and they grow, expand, and feature more and more unique and thoughtful pieces of science-fiction.  Check out DUST on Facebook, Twitter, or visit their official website to stay up to date and catch the latest shorts and visions from new and up and coming indie sci-fi filmmakers.