In light of Star Trek: Discovery‘s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con panel this weekend, CBS has unveiled a new poster showcasing the series’ titular ship.


Evidently, the ship has undergone some design upgrades since the teaser reveal at last year’s Comic-Con.  In this newest reveal, there is some negative space in the ship’s saucer section, more streamlined nacelles, and an overall sleeker look.  Arguably, all improvements over what we had previously seen.


On top of our first good look at the Discovery, I’m loving the color scheme of the poster itself.  I’m glad that Star Trek quickly moved away from the dark and muted tones that we saw in the promotions for Star Trek Into Darkness.  With last year’s Star Trek Beyond poster designs and now this clearly paying homage to The Motion Picture, we can hope that there has been a general shift in mentality by the powers that be towards embracing some of the philosophies and spirt of exploration of classic Trek.

Anticipation for this weekend’s Star Trek: Discovery panel is high.  Fans are especially hoping for a new trailer or new footage to tide us by until the September 24th premiere date (if you haven’t yet seen it – or if you have and simply want to watch it again – be sure to check out the first look trailer from earlier this year).  Until we learn more, what do you think of our first real look at the Discovery?