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What’s your story?

My Fandom. My Story. is a series on The Continuing Voyage that aims to share the stories of individuals; their fandoms, passions, identity, struggles and successes.  Maybe you have a passion for a certain science fiction franchise that’s helped shape your ideals as an adult, maybe you’re knitting hobby led you to find a sense of community, maybe your love for a specific book helps you feel a deeper connection to your family or your culture, or maybe your interest in science has shaped your career.  Whatever it is, we’d like to hear your story.

My Fandom. My Story hopes to bring to light personal stories that explore countless themes that may arise such as community, family, creativity, art, inspiration, identity, mindfulness, politics, social justice, and culture while of course exploring the fandoms and passions of the individuals writing.

Anyone can to contribute to My Fandom. My Story.  If you have an idea you would like to write about and share, contact Joe at with a brief pitch and we’ll get back to you with more information.

Each individual piece in this series will be collected on this page below.

Now, let’s hear your story!

Sci-Fi & Social Justice: How the Animorphs Series Informed my Activism – E. Museaux

My Focus and My Reality: How Star Wars Inspired My Journey into Film – Ben Enke