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This blog began as a sort of mental exercise in order to intellectually dig a little deeper as I was re-watching various Star Trek episodes. However, since then, it evolved into something more. I began to take more of a concerted effort to analyze the episodes as I looked at them through topical, socio-political, psychosocial, and philosophical lenses.

From there, I have also been given opportunities to make this blog a place to review and shine spotlights on independently funded/produced Star Trek series and films, other independent film projects, stage productions, and other pieces of art and culture as well.

About the Author:


I am a graduate from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, and a teaching license from Augsburg University in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Currently, I work as a 3rd Grade teacher in Minneapolis.  I am married to a loving wife who always supports and shares my passions (and fortunately for all of you, serves as my editor for many of the posts on this blog as well).

She's even as nerdy as me!

The ultimate goal of this blog is to combine my passion for writing, my avid trekkie persona, and the concepts and techniques I have learned studying the social sciences.  Through this outlet, I hope to become part of Star Trek’s continuing voyage by shedding light on the cultural, moral, ethical, scientific, philosophical and other concepts that Gene Roddenberry hoped for us to see in his ‘wagon train to the stars.’  The writing expressed here reflects my own views (in no way officially associated with Star Trek, Paramount, CBS, or NBC), but I hope to incite meaningful discussion, and I gladly welcome diverse perspectives.

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I want to dedicate this blog – and the writing within it – to my Father-in-Law (whom I unfortunately never had the pleasure to meet) and my own Father.  Both long-time Trek fans who left this world too soon – may they live long and prosper amongst the stars.

– Joe

7 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoy it! Feel free to keep on commenting, one thing I’m really excited for is to see people’s input on the ideas I attempt to convey through the analyses.

  1. Joe: Great analysis about Charlie X. This was a fun read with a lot of real insight. Interesting to see your analysis featuring medical conditions that weren’t even recognized at the time of the show.
    It features one of my favorite lines in all of Star Trek from Kirk, “There are a million things in the universe you can have and a million you can’t.” Pretty much sums up things, especially to a teen-ager who feels entitled to anything/everything.

    1. Thanks Mike, I’m glad you thought the analysis on Charlie X was insightful! I agree with you in regards to that line – it is definitely a standout quote from the episode. I hope to continue the same kind of in-depth analyses in my future posts, and would love to hear some of your feedback on those – thanks again!

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, robertpaulgmelin.wordpress.com. What you are doing here is quite ambitious and I hope you keep it up. And your wallpaper is awesome (too bad you can’t really see it). Where in the world did it come from?

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