The Continuing Voyage began in 2013 as a way to get just a little bit more from classic Star Trek episodes by digging a little bit deeper into their themes and analyzing them from a more modern sociological lens.

Since then, however, it has evolved into something more.  While Star Trek undoubtedly remains an important part of the writing here, the content has expanded to include a much broader range of topics under the greater umbrella of geekdom.

While the writing has expanded, the original goal of Analyzing Star Trek episodes has not disappeared and is continued as an ongoing series under the name Analyze Trek.


I want to dedicate this blog – and the writing within it – to my Father-in-Law (whom I unfortunately never had the pleasure to meet) and my own Father.  Both long-time Trek fans who left this world too soon – may they live long and prosper amongst the stars.

– Joe

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